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Earlier this year, OpenAI released the plugins store. While there were some beneficial plugins, they just didn’t quite work from a user standpoint. So, they’ve replaced this with the ability to create and customize your own GPT. This means you’re able to create a custom ChatGPT for your business or class in a matter of minutes.

» Note that a ChatGPT+ subscription is required for this functionality.

While you may end up creating a GPT on your own, there’s always that chance you’ll end up collaborating on one with a team. This is where software such as zipBoard can help you with reviewing and approving digital assets relating to developing the GPT. Sometimes, we need to keep track of issues that arise (such as prompts that break the GPT), manage sample prompt documents, and comment on screenshots of the GPT. This all-in-one software helps expedite the review process for digital assets and can be further integrated with your organization’s stack for further team collaboration.

I’ve broken this edition down into 3 small sections:

  1. Building your first GPT

  2. Why you should create a GPT

  3. (bonus) A small listing of GPT’s

Building your first GPT

First, you’re going to want to log into ChatGPT and click on the “Create GPT” button:

Then you’ll be navigated to the configurations page, where you’ll customize your GPT on the left hand side with the ability to test it on the right hand side.

Follow the instructions that are on the screen to build out your GPT. You can upload data sets, give it specific instructions, and even test it before you deploy it in a matter of minutes!

For this edition, I ended up creating a Python Mentor GPT, which is designed to be a pair programmer, teacher, and programming companion (Easter egg: the next newsletter for Python Snacks is about what I prompted below!)

Why you should create a GPT

Before OpenAI's custom GPT feature, creating a tailored AI model was quite challenging. You had three options: start from scratch with no base model, which required deep AI knowledge and a lot of time; upload and prepare a huge amount of data, a complex and technical task; or hire an AI developer, which could be expensive and required managing a specialized project.

Now, with the custom GPT feature, these barriers are greatly reduced. You can easily customize ChatGPT to suit your needs, whether it’s understanding specific jargon or adapting to a particular writing style. This opens up new possibilities for both individuals and small businesses without needing deep technical expertise, thus making AI more accessible and user-friendly.

On top of this, there’s a few more advantages on creating your own GPT:

  1. Personalization: Users can train the model on data that reflects their specific industry, language style, or content, making the AI more relevant and effective for their particular use case.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: It eliminates the need to hire specialized AI developers, making it a more affordable option.

  3. Time Efficiency: Users save time as they don't have to start from scratch or deal with the complexities of data preprocessing and model training.

  4. Improved Accuracy and Relevance: By training on specialized data, the model can provide more accurate and relevant responses, especially in niche areas or industries with specific jargon.

  5. Flexibility: Users have the flexibility to update or change the training data as their needs evolve, ensuring the AI remains useful over time.

GPT Listings

As an added bonus to this edition, I decided to add in a few GPT’s to get you started:

  • Education - Study Buddy: Assists in solving and understanding homework problems across various subjects.

  • Coding - Grimoir: Built for the new era of “prompt-gramming”.

  • SEO - SEO Master: A mentor for SEO, aligned with Google’s best practices.

  • News - Good News Concierge: Uncover the good news 😃 

  • Weather - WeatherGPT: The sassiest weather chatbot out on the market (by the way, I made this one!)

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