I’m Brandon Molyneaux, the owner of Bytes and Brew.

Bytes and Brew didn’t just come out of nowhere. In fact, it came from a previous venture I tried, Learning Code Online. LCO was dedicated to teaching people about software and how to code. Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to break into this field, as it’s heavily populated and heavily saturated.

As I was starting this venture, ChatGPT came out and I felt like I was hitting a wall. Creating content for Learning Code Online was also cutting very heavily into my personal time, and trying to balance it with my full time job took a serious toll on me.

I really liked writing, so I gave a newsletter a shot. When I sent out the first edition, I had a friend comment “hey this is actually pretty cool, I want to know more”.

I sent another edition and got a lot of feedback, so I decided to pursue Bytes and Brew instead of Learning Code Online.

Bytes and Brew is all about examining how AI is integrated and applied to the modern world and examining the impacts and limitations of these applications. I want to go above and beyond with showing you how deeply embedded AI is. In fact, what makes this writing editions difficult is that a lot of AI that’s integrated already is transparent to the casual user.

The idea here is to keep it non-technical and easily digestible with a cup of coffee in the morning. I don’t want to dig into “how to create a model”, but show you “how you can use this application to solve business problems”.

Each edition is different. I pick a topic or theme and write about it. I love to talk to people who are also in the industry to gain the “industry professional” perspective.

Here’s a few articles that have been written:

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