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Last updated: 10/24/2023

Do you have a product, tool, course, service, event, newsletter, application, book, movie, tool, job posting, or something you want to show off?

If you want to promote it in the Bytes and Brew newsletter, please see below to see if it is a fit for you (or, if you’re uncertain, just reach out directly - I’m happy to help)!

Fast Facts

  • Formatted to be easily digestible.

  • Focused around artificial intelligence.

  • Sent out bi-weekly at 8am on Monday.

Audience Details

  • 650+ Active subscribers

  • Average Open Rate: 37%

  • Average CTR: 11%

  • Diverse audience spanning from engineers, developers, teachers, entrepreneurs, and more.

Types of Ads

Bytes and Brew offers 2 kinds of ad placements:

  • Sponsorships: These appear at the top as a larger up to 400 character advertisement.

  • Unclassified Advertisement: These are smaller, 150 character ads near the bottom of the newsletter under the “AI and All” section.

More details are below for each one.


Highlights appear near the top of the newsletter, directly under the introduction section. Each newsletter receives 1 highlight. With this, you’ll get the following:

  • Top of the newsletter: It’s one of the first sections people will see when they open the newsletter.

  • Public website listing: In most cases, users don’t need to log in to their accounts to view the edition on the web. Your sponsorship will be shown to users.

  • Multiple CTA’s allowed: Up to 3 CTA’s per sponsorship.

  • 300 Character Limit

These kinds of sponsorships are great if you want to promote your brand effectively and efficiently. Provide a copy of your ad with brand assets and I’ll write it so that it fits the style of the newsletter.

Unclassified Ads

Unclassified ads fall under the “Any and All AI” section. Up to 3 unclassified ads are allowed per edition. With this kind of advertisement, you’ll get the following:

  • Public Website Listing: Users will not need to be logged into their accounts to see your ad.

  • One CTA: 1 link to your advertisement website.

  • 100 Character Limit

These kinds of sponsorships are perfect for job postings, launches, courses, books, and so much more.

None of these interest you? Have any questions?

Get in touch using the button below. Let’s chat!

TL;DR: Terms and Conditions

  • Bytes and Brew have the right to reject any sponsorship for whatever reason, whenever.

  • All advertisements and sponsorships are flat rates unless negotiated otherwise. Prices are based upon number of subscribers, open rates, and click through rates at the time of inquiry.

  • Sponsorships must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to a newsletter release. Once a sponsorship is fully paid for, I am unable to provide a refund.

  • Bytes and Brew can not guarantee the success of your sponsorship or ad.

  • The rates may change at any time for any reason. Previous sponsors may not be grandfathered into the new rates. Notification to previous sponsors will be given if rates change.

  • Bulk sponsorships will receive a discounted rate.