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Edition #11: Repurposing Content with AI

Approximate read time: 8 minutes

 👋 Hey there!

Welcome to the 11th edition of this publication. Here, I want to show you how you can repurpose content across multiple platforms in under an hour.

This edition is aimed to equip content creators with an AI application stack for them to leverage to help create more content quicker, but if you create content at all this can still apply to you.

A few other things to note before diving in:

  • The AI images featured here are a sneak peak into the a future edition. What am I cooking up? 👀

  • Disclaimer: there are affiliate links in this edition. Purchasing products from these links is at no cost to you and help offset the cost of the newsletter.

  • The next edition is going to be a special one. One of the core principals for this publication is showing you how to use AI. Dust off that bookshelf for Edition 12 because we’re going to talk to a librarian about their usage of AI in the workforce.

Whew, long intro this time around. Let’s dive into it 🏊️ 


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In the rise of the AI era, why are you spending so much time creating and repurposing content? Why not let AI reduce the time sink that’s required to create and repurpose your content?

I want to show you applications that are easily accessible and free to use to help you reduce the time it takes to create, repurpose, and redistribute.

I’ll be starting with a text-first based approach to create content (versus a video-first based approach), then explaining how I’d repurpose the content.

First, we need to create the content to begin with. If you’re like me, you’ll start with the newsletter.

I use Microsoft Word and Grammarly to help support my writing before copy/pasting to Beehiiv to send it out in a newsletter format. I do also leverage ChatGPT to help fuel ideas (for further reading on how I do this, see Edition 10).

The content creation step is the most time consuming during this entire process.

Once we have our content created, we need to define a workflow and identify applications that will help us expedite the content repurpose step.

Everyone’s content repurpose steps will vary. However, for the purposes of this edition, let’s define a sample repurpose flow with the associated mediums they cover:

  1. Newsletter (creation) (email)

  2. Stand-alone blog (web)

  3. LinkedIn Newsletter & Medium Article (stripped versions) (web)

  4. Audio Transcription (podcast)

  5. Video (YouTube)

  6. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)

Sample workflow with applications

Now that we’ve got a workflow defined to help us with this process, let’s take Edition 1 of this publication and repurpose it, all in under 1 hour.

Assuming we have the newsletter as a starting point, we need to create the blog. Thankfully, Beehiiv provides an SEO-optimized website in conjunction to being an email service provider. Therefore, having to repurpose for a blog is not necessary as Beehiiv handles this for you.

Following this, I’d strip some of the content from the bulk of the newsletter post and re-purpose it onto Medium and/or a LinkedIn Newsletter; think “just enough to invoke curiosity”.

Then, I’d feed this stripped version into ElevenLabs to do an audio transcription. This can be purposed 2 different ways: a podcast and as a voice-over for a video. In fact, you can listen to the transcribed version on SoundCloud (spoiler alert: my SoundCloud career has already died. Back to newsletter writing, I suppose).

Following this, we can use Lumen5 to create a video based off of this transcription. Lumen5 will generate the entire base video for you, where you then can make further edits. In case you’re curious, the video for this can be found on the Lumen5 website.

You can also use a video/podcast editing software such as Descript to create the video/podcast in an editorial-style manner versus a timeline manner.

Finally, a large language model such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude can help break down the content from the newsletter into smaller pieces of content. There are many different strategies on how you’d do this, as it’s all dependent upon your audience. Knowing that, you can pick the format that resonates best with how they would like to digest the content.

I should add in, at any point you can use AI image generation models such as DALL-E 3 and Midjourney to generate images to help support any of these content repurpose methods.

You can change the order of how you repurpose the content, add in and remove intermediate repurpose steps to best suit your needs. Through this purposeful approach you can create content that not just resonates with your audience but saves you time and energy in the content creation process.

Do you think you'll be using any of the applications from above to either create or repurpose content?

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A chaotic burst of colors and shapes in an Abstract Expressionism Style

Midjourney is a generative artificial intelligence program that generates images from natural language descriptions (“prompts”). To use it, you’ll need to join their Discord server. If you don’t have a Discord account, you’ll be able to register for one when you go to join their server.



  • 🦴 Archeology: Researchers use AI to read words on ancient scroll burned by Vesuvius (Guardian article)

  • ✏️ Education: Create lesson plans, quizzes, and more in a matter of seconds with Teachermatic.

  • 📰 News Report: Apple is working on integrating generative AI into their products, per Business Standard’s report.

  •  QR Code: Create a unique QR Code image using AI.

  • 🖼️ InteriorAI: Redecorate a room in a matter of seconds. Just upload a photo and wait a few seconds.

  • 🤩 Bonus: Bytes and Brew Giveaway - Enter to win a 360º rotating phone tripod before the end of October!

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A can of Campbell's soup in a Pop Art style


According to a music survey conducted on 1,500 music producers, 36.8% currently use AI tools in their music production workflow. A few other interesting statistics came out of this survey:

  • 17.3% think negatively about using AI in music production.

  • 30.1% are planning on using AI tools soon.

  • 86.6% think that AI music production tools will replace at least some of the current technology.

  • 36.8% of producers think that AI-generated music should be public domain.


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