4 Predictions for the AI Industry in 2024

Plus a $100B valuation and GPT store launch!

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In 2023, the AI industry moved very swiftly. For example, ChatGPT went from a free research preview to being able to customize your GPT in under 1 year.

Since last edition was laid out ChatGPT’s lifetime since last year, I wanted to take the first edition of this newsletter and give you 4 of my predictions for what I think is going to happen in the AI industry in 2024.

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Let’s dive into the predictions.

Prediction #1: Robotics will begin to stand out amongst the crowd

While we have seen amazing strides with AI, robotics has been semi-quietly churning in the background.

There’s a huge gap in the labor force in the USA, and I believe that robotics will help fill this gap once we widely adopt this kind of technology.

OpenAI is working towards AGI, which is, in essence, where AI can think like a human (versus being a text predictor, like ChatGPT is). When AGI is achieved, we’ll see it being implemented in robotics.

This leads me to my second prediction:

Prediction #2: AGI has a fair chance at being achieved

Rather than seeing this as the final destination, it should be looked at as a milestone. OpenAI is nearing this point, but it’s something that will take years before it’s public-facing.

The most recent round of funding for OpenAI is at $100B 🤯 having access to this kind of money allows for innovative research. Pair this with the best AI researchers… … you know where I’m going with this.

This is something that OpenAI has been working towards internally.

Prediction #3: Generative AI applications will stabilize, most will phase out

When ChatGPT was released, a huge opportunity had presented itself to implement a generative language model to specific use cases (coding, education, etc) - you may have heard of the term “fine tuning”.

However, a lot of these applications are simply “GPT wrappers”; think of them as an application that doesn’t really solve an issue.

In fact, I wrote an edition on whether if AI is the solution to help solve your problem. Turns out that AI isn’t necessary the majority of the time - it’s a buzz word.

Applications that don’t bring any value to the market will fade. I think this is an excellent opportunity for larger AI companies to discuss acquisition for not the product, but to build out their email list for marketing.

Prediction #4: Hardware requirements to train will lower

While this may seem like an obvious prediction because over time, algorithms will become more efficient, there’s one important factor that is often overlooked: the environment.

The current state of the hardware to train AI models is not environmentally sustainable.

The carbon footprint that comes about from training these models is quite concerning; oh the irony. Electronic waste also is a problem, as hardware does degrade over time.



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